poison ivy and poison oak relief and protection
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büji® products are smart companions for anyone who may encounter one of Mother Nature’s nastiest offenders while enjoying the outdoors.

Why use both?
Remember the times you came in from outdoors and noticed streaky red patches of sunburned skin where you missed adding sunscreen?  Now imagine that you missed a spot while protecting your skin with büji Block® and are now itching in those unprotected areas.  With the added benefit of büji Wash post exposure, post symptomatic cleanser, you don’t have to be afraid to miss a spot.


buji Wash

buji Combo Buy both and save $3!
buji Combo

büji Block® + büji Wash® = COMPLETE PROTECTION
When used in combination, büji Block and büji Wash are a formidable protective force against poison ivy/oak reactions.  büji Block provides a protective layer on your skin against absorption of urushiol oil that lasts up to six hours.  With its SPF 20 UVA/UVB sunscreen, büji Block offers an extra safeguard against the sun—double protection in one product.
büji Wash is a smart insurance policy that is intended to be used in two key ways.  If you are already exposed or itching, büji Wash removes urushiol oil to provide fast relief of poison ivy/oak irritation.  büji Wash is also recommended for use to remove büji Block either before applying another application or before heading indoors.  That’s because büji Wash works anytime after poison ivy/oak exposure to remove the plants’ oils.

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