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  poison ivy/oak rash symptoms

symptoms can include:

Intense itching

Red rash (which may appear at different times or in different locations of your body due to varying degrees of plant exposure, skin sensitivity and/or skin thickness)

Multiple blisters (which may form several days after initial breakout and may be tiny or large, typically appearing in a straight line following the track where the plant brushed along your skin)

Fever and headache


Urushiol oil from poison ivy/oak plants can take anywhere from minutes to several hours to penetrate the skin.  Once the oil binds to your skin, an allergic reaction may develop.  It is estimated that 85 percent of the US population is allergic to urushiol.  Those exposed to poison ivy/oak experience symptoms within 12-48 hours after exposure.  The rash associated with allergic reactions usually lasts two to three weeks if left untreated.
The allergic reaction takes the form of red raised bumps, extreme itching and weeping blisters.  The blister fluid itself will not spread the rash to other parts of an affected person’s body, nor can it affect another person.  However, blisters should not be popped or drained to avoid possible infection from dirty fingernails or scarring.

If symptoms worsen after seven days or last longer than two weeks, see your physician.

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