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How does büji® Wash work?
büji Wash is a specially formulated cleanser that adheres to and dissolves urushiol, drawing it out of the skin. By removing urushiol — the source of allergic reactions — symptoms are relieved. For future reference, büji Block® has been carefully formulated to form a protective layer on the skin to help protect against urushiol absorption.
When do I apply büji Wash?
Use büji Wash anytime after symptoms begin or after coming into contact with poison ivy, oak or sumac.
How do I apply büji Wash?
Thoroughly wash all skin areas that have been exposed. (It is safe for your face and genital areas…just be careful to avoid your eyes.)
May I re-apply büji Wash?
It is safe to re-wash the affected area as needed if itch returns.

Why is büji Wash more effective than soap & water?
buji Wash is an extremely effective exfoliating cleanser which binds with the plant oils on your skin and allows you to rinse them off. 

Our blend of surfactants are effective at breaking the bond between your skin and the plant oils, something that regular soap and water can't do.  The exfoliating beads are designed to help the surfactants get in there and do their work.

Are büji products a cure for poison ivy?
büji Wash is designed to pull urushiol oil out your skin and remove the allergen from your body.  Once the allergen is removed, your body’s immune system will stop reacting and your skin can begin to heal.

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