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  poison ivy/oak prevention


tips for outsmarting poison ivy/oak

Learn to recognize the plants and avoid them.

Wear protective clothing, including long pants and long sleeves.

Help protect yourself before exposure by applying büji Block® to all exposed areas of your skin.

Wash all clothes and shoes that may have come in contact with the poison ivy plants.



The easiest way to prevent poison ivy/oak rashes is to avoid the plants in the first place. Click here for our Plant Identification page.

The plants contain an oil, called urushiol, that often causes allergic reactions when exposed to your skin. Urushiol is found in the plant leaves, vines, stems and roots, year round. Reactions can result from direct contact with broken leaves or stems of the plants, indirect contact by touching something that has urushiol on it, such as clothes or gardening tools, or through airborne exposure to burning plants.

For added protection, wear long sleeves and pants and apply a poison ivy barrier lotion, such as büji Block®, to exposed areas of your skin. After possible exposure to the plants, wash your skin immediately with a poison ivy/oak cleanser, such as buji Wash®. Be sure to wash any clothing, pets, or objects that may have come in contact with the plants' oils to avoid further exposure.

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