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setting the record straight

Poison ivy/oak rash is an allergic skin reaction to the plants’ oils. About 85% of the population is allergic to these plants.
Poison ivy/oak is not contagious.  Blisters do not spread the rash – they do not contain urushiol oil.  However, the oil can transfer from person to person through contaminated clothing or other objects.
Never burn poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac plants.  Their toxic oils may be inhaled in the smoke, causing a potentially lethal reaction.



Poison ivy, oak and sumac are the leading cause of allergic skin reactions in the United States with as many as 55 million Americans affected each year. Anyone who has suffered from these rashes knows they unleash an itch like no other that can often be debilitating.

Poison ivy and related plants produce an oil called urushiol (yoo-ROO-shee-ol) that when exposed to your skin often triggers the body’s allergic response, resulting in redness, inflammation and itching. Allergic reactions may result from either direct contact with plants or indirect contact with contaminated clothing, tools or pets.

Urushiol is found in the roots, stems, leaves and berries of these plants and is toxic year-round. In fact, urushiol may remain active in dead plants or on tools or clothing for up to five years.

If you’ve come into contact with these plants or contaminated clothing, wash your exposed skin and/or clothes as soon as possible with soap and water.
The surest way to alleviate poison ivy reactions is to remove the source of the reaction. büji Wash® is effective at cleansing and removing urushiol from the skin anytime after exposure, thereby relieving itching, redness and inflammation.

For future reference, büji Block® offers protection against allergic reactions by forming a protective layer on your skin to help inhibit absorption of urushiol.

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