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  büji Block product usage Q&A

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When do I apply büji Block®?
Use büji Block® ONLY BEFORE coming in contact with poison ivy, oak and/or sumac. Apply at least 20 minutes before possible exposure to these plants.
How long does büji Block® protection last?
büji Block® helps protect against poison ivy/oak rashes for up to 6 hours.
Can I re-apply büji Block®?
After possible exposure to poison ivy, oak or sumac, do not re-apply büji Block® without first thoroughly washing your skin with a specially formulated urushiol cleanser, such as büji Wash®.

How does büji Block® work to prevent poison ivy?
buji Block® has an ultra moisturizing formula.  Healthy, quenched skin is less porous, naturally providing a better layer of protection between your body and urushiol, the skin irritating oil found in poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. 

büji Block® is formulated to place an invisible layer of protection on your skin, to keep the plant oils from penetrating.  Because poison ivy rash is your immune system’s response to the plant oils, our goal is to keep them out of your body in the first place.  No allergen in the body =  no response and no rash.

How is büji sun protection formulated?
buji Block® is formulated with SPF 24 sun protection, using only non-chemical ingredients.  The zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in büji Block deflect the sun's rays, providing broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. 

Chemical sunscreen ingredients, such as avobenzone or oxybenzone, actually absorb the sun's rays.  These chemicals are known to generate free radicals, which scientists  have linked to cancer.    To protect you and your family, büji products are only made with physical compounds that do not generate free radicals. 

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